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Peak Beings' commitment is to create a peaceful, fun, and safe place for individuals to improve their well-being while exploring yoga and other disciplines of conscious movement.  Peak Beings offers International Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats, as well as individual and group classes.  Peak Beings was founded in Costa Rica in 2009 and with over a dozen Yoga Teacher Trainings and hundreds of graduates to date has grown into an energetic space for various international yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops.  Our trainings and retreats continue to grow and venture to different parts of the globe through our teachers desire to explore different cultures and to learn more about themselves through yoga.

Every one of us is part of nature and we enjoy helping people to gain an awareness of their own true and fundamental nature as well as an awareness of the nature and others with which we share this planet.  This involves not only spending time with ourselves, but also experiencing other places and cultures to learn more about the outside world in order to further nurture and grow our inside world.

We are driven and love to see the openings and transformations that people experience through these trainings and retreats.  We hope you will join us so we can witness and nurture you during your Transformation and in Finding your own True and Fundamental Nature and Self Love.

~ Namaste



Troy is a 500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 E-RYT) through the Yoga Alliance.  He has attended many teacher trainings to achieve this certification, including a 200 Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga teacher training which explored many styles of yoga and 100 Hour Trainings including Yoga Massage, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, Children's Yoga and Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator.  In 2010 he also hosted Fashion One's Model Yoga.  He is currently based on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and has traveled and taught yoga to adults and children in many locations outside the U.S., including Costa Rica, Norway, and Thailand.  Yogi Troy is also trained in Tai Chi Chuan, Reiki, and CranioSacral Energy Work.  He teaches a variety of beginner to advanced level classes.  He loves to design his classes based on the yogis and yoginis who show up 'that' day for 'that' class.  They have made a choice to be on their mat for a reason so he tries to cover a wide range of postures with a combination of quicker and slower movements.  He likes to allow the yoga practitioners in his classes the time and place to really be in 'their' yoga and to create the space for their yoga experience.

Yoga found Troy when he was at a crossroads in his life and career working as a project manager and engineer on bridge and highway projects throughout the U.S.  He decided to take a break from his career to travel, learn more about yoga and deepen his yoga practice.  This decision has led Troy to thousands of hours teaching and training in many amazing places around the world.  He is passionate about empowering students and helping them to find a yoga practice that is suitable for them.  Yogi Troy is grateful to all of the teachers and students he has encountered on his journey and looks forward to many more.  Troy loves to talk with prospective students prior to the training to discuss more about what you can expect to experience during the training.  If you would like to speak directly with Troy please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and he would be happy to set up a time for you to speak with him in person.



Erin is an accomplished elite runner turned yogi due to a running injury and now understands the importance of balance. She was drawn to yoga after reaching a big turning point in her physical and emotional life. “Yoga was my saving grace,” she began to practice as much as possible and soon fell in love, so much that she decided to teach! Erin received her 200-hour certification in 2009 in beautiful and healing Costa Rica!  She wanted to give to others what she had received from her yoga experience — curiosity of my own yoga experience, the art of receiving, healing, and most important, self-love!  Erin ultimately found balance through her yoga experience and also what has become her yoga and massage therapy specialty — prevention of injury and balancing the mind, body, and soul.



Krista first started practicing yoga while living in Australia in 2008. It quickly became the grounding force in her every day life and provided the space she needed to heal from decades of health challenges. The transformative power of yoga allowed her to pursue her passions and showed her the way to a more purposeful and meaningful life. She decided to share this gift with others and in 2012 attended Peak Beings Unified Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and became a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.  Since then she has continued to advance her yoga practice through further trainings and workshops including a 75 Hour Yin Yoga Training.  Off the mat, Krista is a social entrepreneur based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and is also a musician and lead singer in a band.



Tara began practicing yoga 10 years ago while studying in college and instantly fell in love with it. Tara quickly discovered the benefits of yoga including balance and strength and how they improved her favorite outdoor pursuits such as running, skiing and climbing. Yoga also reduced her stress at work and improved her body image, something Tara had struggled with in earlier years.  Tara received her 200-hour teacher training in Hawaii through Peak Beings and today teaches classes to visitors, employees and friends in Sequoia National Park, where she works in California. She loves sharing this passion with others and enjoys teaching outdoors whenever she can.



Nikki grew up as a gymnast and dancer, and immediately felt she had found home on her yoga mat when she began to practice the asanas in 2010.  She is a part of a vibrant community of yogis on the Jersey Shore where she practices and teaches.  With love for the movement and a desire to learn more about the practice as a whole, Nikki began to explore different styles of yoga at various studios on the East Coast.  It was always on her heart to share the practice further and she went on to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Peak Beings in 2013.  She now teaches students of all levels, from beginners to life-long practitioners.  Nikki likes to design her classes based on the energy of those in the room each day with respect to each person's practice.  She likes to explore different music while teaching, and finds that beyond alignment, there are endless opportunities for freedom and fun on the mat.  She encourages each student to meet his or her own practice where it is each day. Explore your body and soul without fear, and have faith and trust that with practice all is coming.

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